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Agriculture Services

Assisting You in Selling, Buying and Investing in Michigan Farmland and Farm Properties

Heartland Agricultural Services, LLC has been helping farmers and agribusiness investors buy farms and sell farmland in Michigan since 1988. We have many farms for sale in Michigan you will not find listed anywhere else.

We have established a reputation for helping farmland sellers quickly get the best price for their property, and Michigan farm buyers locate the right property at a fair price. We are Michigan real estate brokers and experts in helping you obtain the right kind of financing for your land purchase.

Our website lists many farms for sale in Michigan, and we have others available for private sale. Please contact us for our full listing. If you are considering buying or selling, save time and make your first phone call to us. As the leading Michigan provider of agri-business and farm brokerage services, over 500 satisfied buyers and sellers have utilized our services for nearly 25 years, and we will work very hard to be sure you are satisfied as well.

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Finding Michigan Farmland for Sale

Buying land in Michigan begins with first finding land in Michigan. That’s where we come in. We have extensive knowledge of the geography, agrarian culture, and the needs of landholders seeking transition into other careers or retirement. Our knowledge of Michigan farmland and years of experience allows us to find quality offerings that are difficult for non-farm real estate brokers to locate. And we know the people - many on a personal level - making those decisions now.

Managing Private Equity Land Acquisition

Heartland Ag offers a full-service company with whom you can deal for Private Equity Land Acquisition in Michigan. Once the decision is made to sell, we assist the landowner by providing marketing strategies, data compilation, and we’ll work with the landowners’ advisors to insure a quick and smooth sale.  In short, we take care of everything. After the sale, custom farm management is provided whenever needed to insure a flawless transition in ownership takes place.

Who is Selling Farmland in Michigan Today?

Much has changed since we began in 1988. Almost all land sales used to be farmer-to-farmer transactions. Now, most of our sellers are landowners who do not currently farm the land they are selling. Instead, the sellers typically are a trust seeking liquidation for its beneficiaries. And most of buyers are not farmers, but individuals, private equity groups, and others seeking to hold farmland for investment. They, in turn, will rent the land to neighboring farmers who seek to expand their acreage through renting the property as opposed to buying it.